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Adults 18+

Adults 18+

Adult Treatment at Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital at Bethany

Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital at Bethany is located in Bethany, Oklahoma to provide quality mental health treatment for adults.

Our team of dedicated professionals provides crisis stabilization and medication management to patients who have disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, paranoia and schizophrenia. We provide a secure haven for patients who are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts. We can help patients regain their sense of self-worth.

Adult Inpatient Treatment

At Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital at Bethany, we offer an adult inpatient program that specializes in depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other mood disorders. The adult inpatient mental health treatment is for individuals over the age of 18 with severe mental illness that is impacting their ability to function.

Adult Outpatient Treatment

Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital at Bethany offers day treatment, or a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to individuals who need additional support following an inpatient stay or as a step up from outpatient therapy. Additionally we offer The Next Step, a PHP and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that focuses on helping our adult patients work toward and maintain their mental wellness.

Mental Health Services Available 24/7

Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital at Bethany is available to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more about how we can help you or a family member. Call us at 405-792-5360 or toll-free: 844-243-1331 for more information and to schedule a free assessment.